with #1 Indian Body Coach - Juggy Sidhu
Trusted by Big Players:



with #1 Indian Body Coach - Juggy Sidhu
Trusted by Big Players:
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This call alone has been transformational for a lot of people in identifying what's been holding them back and how they can break free from the cycle 


As a vegetarian, Jag was always told he wouldn't be able to lose weight and build muscle to fulfil his dreams to become a bodybuilding competitor. But that all changed when we started working, over the course of the programme he was able drop body fat, build muscle and fulfil his dream of stepping on stage!
Par had spent the last 20 years yo-yo dieting. she wasn't sure where it all began but the results we never sustainable. Breaking the vicious cycle through nutritional coaching, mindset management, and real training saw her transform completely. 
Axa just couldn't seem to lose weight no matter what she tried. Food created anxiety and she had no idea where to start. Dropping from a size 16 to a 8-10 without ever feeling she was on a diet completely changed axa's outlook on life!
Chad had been overweight and unhappy with his body for as long as he can remember. His health was worrying him as he became more aware of mortality and he knew he needed to understand how to change things for the better.
Entrepreneur and fireman, Ricky, realised his weight and health were impacting his professional and personal life. He decided that he wanted to improve his health so he can perform better at work as a fireman, have stronger mindset as an entrepreneur and set a better example for his family.
At 65, many people were writing Anita off in this journey. She had been up and down with her weight for so long and with a chronic back injury, she was fearful she would never be able to lose weight, improve her health and achieve the energy levels she had we she was younger, That all changed in 8 weeks!
Mother of 2 children (under four years old), Jussi was working full time and struggling to prioritise her health, but that all changed once she realised she must help herself to help her family. She followed our plan and now has so much more clarity, energy and confidence to tackle the everyday challenges of work and life.
Businessman Opi had just been told he was pre diabetic and at risk of cardiovascular disease. He was lacking in confidence, low in mood, and desperate to turn his health around. Since starting he hasn't stopped and has become a prime example of what can be achieved when one commits themselves. 
A grandmother in her late 50's was sick of feeling tired, stressed, overweight and injured. she had tried slim fast, the atkins diet, fasting and keto but couldn't find anything that worked, until she finally committed to a sustainable approach. 


How a successful career woman in her 30's transformed her body in 90 days without restrictive diets!

How a mother transformed her family's health without cutting out roti, daals & her favourite food!

How a 52 year old woman overcame menopause to lose 17lbs & 35cm of fat in 12 weeks without dieting!


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